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School District 10 is provided governance by an elected Board of Education. Board members are elected from the communities and surrounding areas which the School District serves. There are 5 elected members; 2 at large, 1 from the Eastern Zone, 1 from

To send written correspondence to the Board of Education, please email or send your letter by mail or courier to the School Board Office. Any correspondence addressed to the Board of Education shall be forwarded to all Trustees, the Superintendent and the Secretary-Treasurer of the District.  Individual Trustees can be contacted at the email addresses found below on this page.

Trustees on the Board of Education

Rhonda Farrell, Trustee
Eastern Zone Trustee
New Denver, BC

Amanda Murphy, Trustee
Trustee at Large
New Denver, BC

Christine Dixon, Vice Chair
Trustee at Large
Nakusp, BC

Danyea Simon, Trustee
Southern Zone Trustee
Burton, BC

Stephen Gascon, Board Chair
Central Zone Trustee
Nakusp, BC

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Our District

School District 10 Arrow Lakes serves the communities of north Slocan Lake and the Arrow Lakes with schools and programs in Nakusp, Edgewood, Burton and New Denver.

Our innovative approach to learning and the beautiful mountain settings that surround these communities, provide our students with unique learning experiences that gain praise in our province and beyond. We are well-recognized for innovation in place-conscious learning, environmental education, and for creatively personalizing learning experiences for our students.

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