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Our Commitment to Accessibility

Accessibility refers to the degree of ease with which people with disabilities can use and enjoy something such as a device, service, or place. In School District 10 (Arrow Lakes), we are committed to providing an environment that is accessible and practical for all members of our diverse communities. We recognize the importance of conscious planning, design, implementation, and follow-up to ensure that barriers are removed, and accessibility is increased.

Our school district is committed to working collaboratively with the community to provide equitable treatment to people with disabilities in a way that respects their dignity. To achieve this goal, we have identified the following commitments:

  • Engaging with staff, community members and people with disabilities in the development and review of accessibility initiatives and our accessibility plan.
  • Ensuring that our school board policies, district protocols and workplace practices align with the principles of accessibility.
  • Improving access to facilities, programs, and services for students, staff, parents/guardians, volunteers, and community members.
  • Connecting our Accessibility initiatives and commitment with the District’s Strategic Plan.

Accessibility Committee

Under the Accessible B.C. Act, organizations must establish an Accessibility Committee to assist with identifying and preventing barriers to individuals in or interacting with the organization. The purpose of the accessibility committee is to work collaboratively to assess and improve community accessibility, focusing on the experiences of individuals with disabilities while encompassing the whole community. The Accessibility Committee also advises the District on strategies to reduce social, physical, sensory, and other barriers that prevent people from fully participating in all aspects of school community life.

The School District 10 (Arrow Lakes) Accessibility Committee Membership consists of:

  • Justin Bisson, Vice Principal
  • Kim Hood, Learning Support Teacher
  • Meaghynne Jones, Education Assistant
  • Michelle Grenier, Human Resources Manager

Report an Accessibility Barrier

School District 10 has developed an online feedback tool that includes a series of questions about accessibility experiences that students, staff, and members of SD10 community can use to report on accessibility, whether it is to report an accessibility concern or accessibility considerations. Feedback may be anonymous or contact information may be provided if persons wish to be contacted. Persons may prefer to

Take Survey (Provide Report)

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