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Innovative Educational Practices in the Arrow Lakes School District

SD 10’s schools are at the forefront of innovative practice; an educational culture of growth is at our heart.

Place-Conscious Learning

The landscape of Slocan and Arrow Lakes contains a surprising diversity of archaeological, historical and natural richness. Teaching and learning in our schools focuses on exploration of this history, geography and culture, and relevantly connects our places to the rest of the world.

Our educators collaborate to create innovative, cross-curricular, place-conscious learning experiences that make a difference for our students, and in the world.

Nature Immersion

Our geography is awe-inspiring, so what better way to inspire our young people than to provide opportunities to experience the mountains, forests, lakes and rivers that surround and sustain our communities.

From weekly “Wednesday Walks” at Edgewood Elementary, to week-long canoe trips on Slocan Lake; from learning in the school garden at Lucerne, to gaining Ground Search and Rescue qualifications in Outdoor Education at Nakusp Secondary; all ages of students become familiar with our diverse natural environment.

Experiential Learning

Learning by doing helps our students achieve. And learning through experience provides opportunities for growth in complex ways.  Interactions with trades and skills training, with nature, in archaeological digs, artistic creations, and technological problem-solving are part of our learners’ experiences.

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Our District

School District 10 Arrow Lakes serves the communities of north Slocan Lake and the Arrow Lakes with schools and programs in Nakusp, Edgewood, Burton and New Denver.

Our innovative approach to learning and the beautiful mountain settings that surround these communities, provide our students with unique learning experiences that gain praise in our province and beyond. We are well-recognized for innovation in place-conscious learning, environmental education, and for creatively personalizing learning experiences for our students.

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