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Saving Energy in SD 10 – Our Current Initiatives

  1. Saving Energy in SD 10 – Current Initiatives
    • The district is following up on the recommendations of the Operations Review report which indicated we are spending $94,000 more than average on energy costs
    • Hydro costs last year were $110,000; from Nov 7 – Dec 5 2014 we paid $12,556.46 for one month!
    • Energy Cost Reduction initiative #1 – Turn down the heat:
      • Current classroom temperatures are set at 21° C with night temperatures which reduce heat to 17°C starting at 9 pm
      • Draft plan is to reduce temperatures from 3:30 – 6 pm to 19°C and then from 6 pm – 6 am to 17°C – though this is a small change, it should result in significant energy cost savings; we will monitor for impact
    • Energy Cost Reduction Initiative #2 – Solar Energy Project Proposal:
      • District submitted a CNCP (Carbon Neutral Capital Project) proposal Jan 9th, 2015 to the Ministry of Education for installation of roof solar panels on two schools
      • NES and Lucerne were selected as the two initial projects based on recommendations, manageable costs and also payback as identified in our 2014 CNCP Solar Engineering Study
      • NES – Total project cost: $25,453; grant request $12,726; district cost $12,727; cost savings annually – $2670
      • Lucerne – Total project cost: $74,200; grant request $37.100; district cost $37,100; cost savings annually – $6940
      • District costs have been budgeted to come from our AFG (Annual Facilities Grant) budget
      • Future developments – electric power tools to reduce both GHGs and fuel costs and potential electric vehicles as well as solar expansion at other sites
    • Energy Cost Reduction Initiative #3 – CNCP Study Grant for Energy Savings Overview
      • Susan Brenna-Smith, Art Olson and Superintendent are planning in consultation with the Ministry for our 2015 CNCP Grant to fund Energy Audit in the district with recommendations for savings and alternatives
      • This study will be conducted in the spring once we have our annual CNCP study funds
      • Energy Cost Reduction Initiative #4 – Research into Infrastructure Upgrades
      • Maintenance Lead Hand, Art Olson is investigating costs of occupancy sensors, and more efficient lighting and energy systems as well as increases in roof insulation

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